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Experienced Developers from 250 Kr/h

Through co-financing we can best reduce the costs for your company, while building a long-term and rewarding relationship. The relationship is based on openness and transparency, and the goal is to, through powerful solutions at the best possible price, facilitate Start-ups to manage resources and focus on the company’s development.

With that said, we are always open to making the best possible contribution to the mutual success of a collaboration. This can be co-financing in the form of development costs, subsidization and technology transfer.

Ola Andersson

CEO, Altius Consulting

Focus on your Business, not on finding your IT-partner.

Fast Prototyping – from 250 Kr/h

Fast & Effective Prototyping

When you want to quickly and cheaply develop prototypes to show your investors or customers, we solve it. Our consultants and partners have very long experience of fast prototype development. And maybe we already have what you need, after just a few adjustments. Why invent the wheel again?

Scaling – from 350 Kr/h

The best solutions from the world to your Business

With our own consultants and partners in Dubai, China, India, Serbia and the US, we can offer solutions that are right for you. We can advise you on frameworks and techniques to scale up your solution successfully and sustainably.

Deploying – from 350 Kr/h

Deploy & Support

We help you with strategy and execution of the implementation of your products and how to maintain and upgrade. We also help you with support for your customers if that service is needed, around the clock.

"A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline." -We make it happen!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Co-Financing?

It is a way for us to share our techniques, or to go into some part of an investment. Exactly what this looks like is case by case. One way could be that we give a really good discount on development, in return we get something back, shares, supplier agreement or other.

How much for a simple prototype?

Hard question to answer. But assuming a less advance app which needs access to camera functions etc, you need a native or hybrid app. Hybrid have almost same functionality as native and also are compatible with most platforms. In this case we estimate time for a fast prototype to 50 – 100 hours. And assuming 300 Kr per hour you would end up in the span 15,000 – 30,000 Kr. These prices are very competitive.  With Co-finance it can be less.

Do you invest in Start-Up Companies?

We are open for that. In our network we do have som investors that are open for Investments. But normally we invest through development.

What is the price range for your developers?

Normally it ranges from 250 Kr/h up to 900 Kr/h. All depending on what competens that is needed and for how long. For Start-ups we can give a discount.

Do you offer fixed price projects?

Yes we do!





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